Sunday, March 27, 2011

Daisies Grid Drawing Puzzle

Got a pencil and like doing puzzles? An artist grid drawing puzzle is an artist tool use that helps in learning to draw. Grid puzzles let us see negative space, distance, shapes and a whole host of other arty things. After sometime with practice you can find yourself seeing art subjects in a whole different way. Drawing puzzles enable the basic art form or foundation of an artwork to be drawn with more accuracy. This then helps in making the end artwork appear as a more realistic artwork. A funny thing is that drawing puzzles lets one draw something and yet not know what it is that is being drawn. It blocks out the logical mind and opens up the creative mind of a visual artist.

The Daisies Grid Drawing Puzzle contains one hundred and six drawing pieces. In the online web version each drawing piece can be viewed by clicking on the labeled square. If you need a blank grid pattern to draw to you can download one by clicking this here Download Blank PDF File Grid Drawing Sheet.

Start drawing from the top line and work left to right until you have completed each line. If you start at the middle or bounce around to different labeled squares you may find your completed artwork to be a harsh and jagged picture. Drawing this way creates a smoother flowing drawing without having to return with an eraser to cleanup different areas.

If your an art teacher you may be interested in a slideshow version of the Daisies Grid Drawing Puzzle. From an image projecting system it can be shown as a Power Point presentation to a class of art students.

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