Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Yellow Lily Sunshine

Yellow Lily Sunshine floral oil painting was created from a photograph taken of a lily growing in my backyard. Yellow conveys a warm feeling and this particular painting reminds me of my boyhood days. I'd lay in the farmers field on sunny days while watching the clouds row by. I'd try to picture in my mind the many animal images they would make as they danced across the sky.
It seemed good to paint a painting with this memory still intact from those days before it would become forgotten and lost. The sun was warm as it shined brightly and every now and then it would hide behind a cloud. I remember golden yellow blades of tall grass swaying in the slight breeze of each day.
There was no pond in this field but a river flowed by where I'd play once in a while by skipping stones across the water surface. And fishing was a pass time done now and then along it's banks.
All in all this is a warm painting with glowing colors to brighten every day forward may they be wet and rainy, cloudy and snowy or dark and stormy.