Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Move Over" Harmonic Proportions/Armatures

After starting “Move Over” I learned of an artist technique referred to as Harmonic Proportions. In simple terms it is the placement of art subjects in an art composition at areas where the art viewer's natural vision rest. Artist blog of Alan Douglas Ray gives a more indepth discussion of this artist technique. I was a little surprised as to where the intersecting interest points of the viewer eye came together after having already begun this artwork.

By dividing the artist canvas from eight locations and then connecting them with pencil lines I found the highway sign I had drawn to be located where four points rest. The top right portion of the composition I find is complete and adding more art subjects in this area would cause this location to be too busy. There's no other interest points and the steel framing of the sign structure will create much interest for the art viewer.

One of the intersecting points rest at the center. I was surprised to see that the police vehicle's front portion that I penciled outlined was located at this point. As the painting is brushed in I will create contrast here enhancing this area at this point.

All the flower art subjects are located from the left side to right side and work their way to the bottom middle of the canvas. Colors of these flowers that are around each intersecting point and where they converge will be painted to standout. Artist Arleta Pech shares informative art information on this in her article about Harmonic Armatures.