Friday, October 14, 2016

"Move Over People" Michigan Apple Blossom

Highlights Painted On Apple Blossom

Recently painted on the highlights of the Apple Blossom of the Michigan State flower rendered in the "Move Over People" painting. I used a blend of Zinc White with a mixture of Cadmium Yellow with French Ultramarine to create a desired green for the leaf colours. French Ultramarine was brushed in to the dark shadow areas of the leaves.

I really like this painting effect of light on this art subject because it just makes the flower seem to pop out from the canvas. Creates a feeling of being able to pluck the flower from off the canvas surface. I still need to paint a fine detailing of the veins on the leaves to present a realistic look to the flower.

From the green mixture a little Alizarin Crimson was added to make a dark grey colour which was brushed on for the shaded areas in the Apple Blossom.

The steel highway structure in the background was also highlighted in some areas to enhance the surface look of the metal. This also helped to push the Apple Blossom flower forward in the artwork. I'll let this dry and move on to painting the other flowers and come back near the end of completion for some final painting touches.

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