Sunday, May 12, 2013

Have You Traveled a Desert Landscape on a Long Journey?

This is not quite the experience as was in earlier days because of different forms of transportation available today. We don't have to spend days or weeks in traveling as when going some place was done by horse and stage coach. If your a western art buyer you'll like this painting depicting those days. A western art theme is what I've chosen to compose in this new artwork. Currently it is uncompleted but lets you see the artwork thus far.

Breezy white clouds of the sky gives this painting a portrayal of motion. You can feel the air movement as you travel along with the rider and his horse contemplating the place they are journeying to. Blue skies give way to thoughts of crisp clean air they will no doubt experience during their journey.

Large rock masses jutting up behind the two travelers adds to this vast landscape feeling. The rock formations in the far background convey that there is quite a large distance both the cowboy and his horse have to go. This is aided by painting rock masses in the distant background in lighter hues and increases in depicting the vastness of the terrain to travel.

More to come as "Long Journey" is completed.

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